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    reblog if your url represents who you really are 

    I am really Putin’s girlfriend

    then we have a problem

    I can explain it

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    The IMDb board for Dear White People is exactly what I expected

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  • "You are one butt-load of sunshine, let me tell you."

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    guess which frame I gave up on

    3000 notes because I wrote ‘fuck’ on an animation frame what the hell tumblr

    im enjoying this so much

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    “My wife got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and children. She lost 30 pounds and weighted about 90 pounds. She got very skinny and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs. She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the mornings and got tired very quickly during the day. Our relationship was on the verge of a break up. Her beauty was leaving her somewhere, she had bags under her eyes, and she stopped taking care of herself. She refused to shoot the films and rejected any role. I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon… But then I decided to act. After all I’ve got the most beautiful woman on earth. She is the idol of more than half of men and women on earth, and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her. I began to shower her with flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised and pleased her every minute i could. I gave her a lot of gifts and i lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends. You won’t believe it, but she blossomed. She became better. She gained weight, was no longer nervous and loved me even more than ever. I had no clue that she could love that much. And then I realized one thing: the woman is the reflection of her man.” ~ Brad Pitt about Angelina Jolie

    forever my favorite fucking couple

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    Meet 5 year old Inas Khalil. She was murdered a couple of hours ago in Ramallah, Palestine.
    This is the second Palestinian child murdered by Israeli settlers in the past three days.


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    tommyboy needs to sit the fuck down when adults talk

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    The Maze Runner + Harry Potter


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    Houses of Westeros - Part 1

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    don’t date someone you wouldn’t have a harry potter movie marathon with

    That’s nearly 24 hours. I wouldn’t do that with anyone

    …the weak are already weeding themselves out…


    This is true!

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